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At MyWallGallery the talent of our artists is the key to our success. We aim to bring you the most widely appealing and high quality artwork. Having the ability to source artwork from areas of the world not as widely marketed, we can bring it to your door at an affordable price. 

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Kinga Ogiegło is an abstract expressionist painter

and illustrator. Her paintings create remarkable illusions of space, allowing the art to act as mirrors through which we can redefine ourselves. Ogieglo defines her work as transformational art that engages the viewer to ponder self-reflection, emotional epiphanies and personal growth.


Her rather enigmatic paintings display truly dazzling craftmanship. The ambiguous images are created

using sensuous colours and variety of techniques. The artwork is as tranquil as it is aggressive.

Truly, Ogieglo's art cannot fail to grab your attention.


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Abundant Spirit

Abundant Spirit

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