Acrylic painting on canvas by Izabela Olszyna.


The look of the sea horizon can change dramatically in a split second. The Horizon reveals how very different it can be depending on the time of a day or night. Slight change in the weather factors such as wind or humidity also infulences its look. This wall art in its large format and contemporary design will certainly bring serenity to the viewer. 


Majority of Olszyna's paintings are devoted to abstract forms. She is inspired by nature, space and phenomena, which are not an obvious art subjects. The scale is both macro and micro, or sometimes hard to define and label. She experiments a lot with texture, which in some cases takes the form of a relief. While painting, she tries not to conceptualize and rather use the language of color, form and texture, because once the painting is completed, it will become subject to the subjective sphere or interpretation. The way her art can
be interpreted is dependent on the relationship between the features of a given painting and the cognitive capabilities of the viewer. There is no wrong interpretation, only the end result of interacting factors.


Original artwork with signed Certificate of Authenticity

Media and surface: acrylic on canvas

Dimensions: 100 x 73 cm

Additional information: the sides are matched to blend in with the painting, so it does not need framing

7:24 pm


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