Oil painting on canvas by Anna Masiul- Gozdecka.


The work of Anna Masiul-Gozdecka is two-dimensional: figurative and abstract. Both roads complement each other and inspire. Apparently, they seem to be completely separate, but coexist and create the overall image of the artist’s work. Their common denominator is colour and reference to dreams, in which nothing is impossible, and parallel worlds permeate.


Realistic painting does not have to reflect the reality; it searches for other layers, other meanings, questions, and looks. It can combine inspiration from music and inspiration from nature. Light, shadow, men, objects - supposedly the same each day, yet in every moment have so many different faces. Painting captures and brings out these worlds. We sense this other reality and look for interpretation in ourselves.


Abstract painting is like discovering the inner cosmos, unnamed, untouchable, elusive. It is like solving an equation with an infinite number of unknowns. It provokes questions, searches and discoveries. However, it possesses the moment, when everything seems to be in place and in perfect harmony. But before this happens, a storm of transformation passes, invisible but intuitively perceptible. For these very reasons paintings by Anna Masiul-Gozdecka are so diverse and inquisitive.


Original artwork with signed Certificate of Authenticity

Media and surface: oil on canvas

Dimensions: 30 x 30 cm

Additional information: ready for framing of your choice

Ballet miniatures- 2


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