Acrylic painting on canvas by Izabela Olszyna from artist's Aerial Series.


Lena is tenth biggest river in Asian part of Russia. It’s 4400 km long an its 400 km wide delta is frozen during 7 months each year. The river is the most important communication route in Syberia.

Aerial Series
At first glance these are abstract paintings. Inspiration comes from nature, aerial view of Earth. Each of the paintings is a subjective portrayal of reality, of a given spot of the globe. It is the artist’s interpretation, her impression filtered through her artistic sensibility and the sum of her life experiences. Through this cycle she aims to expose the viewers to the notion of abstract and at the same time, ease its interpretation through anchoring each of the paintings to earthly reality. The whole surface of our planet is abstract, but it does not
stop us from appreciating its beauty.


Majority of Olszyna's paintings are devoted to abstract forms. She is inspired by nature, space and phenomena, which are not an obvious art subject. The scale is both macro and micro, or sometimes hard to define and label. She experiments a lot with texture, which in some cases takes the form of a relief. While painting, she tries not to conceptualize and rather use the language of color, form and texture, because once the painting is completed, it will become subject to the subjective sphere or interpretation. The way her art can
be interpreted is dependent on the relationship between the features of a given painting and the cognitive capabilities of the viewer. There is no wrong interpretation, only the end result of interacting factors.

Original artwork with signed Certificate of Authenticity

Media and surface: acrylic on canvas

Dimensions: 80 x 60 cm

Additional information: the sides are matched to blend in with the painting, so it does not need framing



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