An original mixed media painting on canvas by Michal Wawrzyniak. Already framed as ilustrated. 


Following the way of simplicity within the ‘Naiveheart’ style is a deliberate move of this artist, who is also a psychologist by profession. The artist believes that the human psychology encapsulates so many unfulfilled desires – both emotional and intellectual and these extort energy of humankind. Simplicity, fun, imagination, dreams, some instinctual reactions are closer to the artist’s heart and give him happiness. Artist’s love for women- his mom, wife, mother-in-law, daughter drives him to attempt a change against the patriarchate world in which we live in. The artist hopes that the artwork he creates is a sign of the end of an era of this very patriarchate, that women are left to endure.


Original artwork with signed Certificate of Authenticity

Dimensions: 50 x70 cm

Media: oil/acrylic/spray/collage/ own technique
Surface: canvas

Loving Courtship


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