Acrylic painting on panel by Lukasz Szymerkowski.


Original artwork with signed Certificate of Authenticity

Media and surface: acrylic on panel

Dimensions: 60 x 60 cm

Additional information: the sides are matched to blend in with the painting, so it does not require framing


This particular painting has been executed using a very time consuming technique. The artist used the method of applying transparent or translucent layers of paint, one on top of another, whereby each successive layer changes the colour of the previous one. This method is used in oil and acrylic painting.


The artist graduated at the University of Gdańsk and is a member of Polish Association of Baltic Artists in Gdańsk. How well he is established can be proven by multiple exhibitions and many reputable artistic awards such as the Award of the President of the City of Gdańsk in culture category for the painting ‘Internal voice’ (2017). His works are dominated by the change, random cases, cosmos and genius loci. The change has a great influence on the artist’s work, being the area of his internal transformation. Hence paintings in this category have freed the artist from his internal thinking patterns. The art of the case, or so-called glitch art, is an art of a trauma associated with his personal difficulties in acceptance of phenomenon of random situation being crucial part of the nature laws. Space forms the artist’s search for his own boundaries but also builds the base for self-reflexion. Genius loci refers to the places the artist visited, and he would like to tell a story about. Most of the artist’s work is inspired by his travels and is associated with the unsettling feeling of being on the edge. The artist loves realism above all.


Proof 2017


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